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A high interest rate loan secured against property, you will receive initial capital and interest upon refinancing the development.


  • Invest your money and let us take care of the rest
  • We purchase the property and oversee the management of the development to completion.
  • We refinance the property to release your funds and accrued interest.
  • Benefit from the highest interest rates we offer.

Supported growth investment that offers education, management & regular communication with your dedicated investment team.


  • In addition to all of passive investment, we can mentor you through the process.
  • Leverage our knowledge and gain valuable experience whilst we manage the development.
  • We offer regular site visits, update calls, support, access to our plans, documents and correspondence.
  • Earn substantial returns on your money whilst learning how we run a development.

Investment Security

Arete Property offers multiple layers of security that further enhance the lenders’ peace of mind.


Source & Purchase below market value properties with cash
  • Our investments have additional equity built-in prior to any development works.
  • Our cash purchases reduce the total borrowing on the property, reducing the overall LTV (loan-to-value).
Implement planning permission and develop to a high standard
  • By obtaining and implementing planning permission, we gain another immediate uplift in value.
  • Our high standards ensure that the end valuations have significant profits built-in, far exceeding the cost of development and investor capital.
Investors are prioritised
  • Investors receive all their capital and interest before Arete Property receive any profit.
Multiple robust contingency options
  • If in the unlikely event, the development end values fall short, Arete Property can select from a number of contingencies to guarantee full payment.
  • Including but not limited to; selling part or all of the property, drawing funds from a multiple 6-figure stocks and shares portfolio, taking profits from other properties, utilising retained earnings from alternative businesses.
Honesty, transparency and integrity
  • Most importantly, Martyn and Huw uphold these core values above making profits.
  • It’s essential to us that trust is established with everyone we work with, so let’s grab a coffee (in-person or virtual) and start the process.

The Lending Process

You’re most welcome to meet up with Martyn and Huw (in person or virtually) and to come and see some of our developments.

    We’ll ensure you fully understand how the process works and answer any questions or concerns.


      Should you wish to invest with us, we’ll send
      you the Loan Agreement and support you through the process.

        Once you’re satisfied with the Loan Agreement, you
        transfer the funds to us and start earning interest immediately.

          We use your funds to develop the property. Upon completion, we refinance the property.

            Once the loan term expires, we’ll pay you back your capital and interest.


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