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Arete Property Founders, Martyn and Huw, began working together after meeting on Simon Zutshi’s Property Mastermind program. They discovered early on that they shared the same core values, purpose, vision, long term goals and sense of humour.

They realised that they were destined to work with each other when they compared their Wealth Dynamics Personality test results, which revealed they were exact polar opposites. Each individual provides complementary skills and natural traits for the other partner.

Despite their differences, they both possess the paradoxical combination of personal humility and an indomitable will, resulting in the creation of a formidable team.

‘Arete’ is a Greek word that translates as ‘excellence’ and ‘reaching one’s full potential’. Martyn and Huw both passionately believe that living with virtue, excellence, and expressing the best version of themselves is the best way to experience success and life fulfilment. They believe it’s possible to strike the right balance between maximising profits whilst conducting ethical, transparent and life-fulfilling business.

Honesty, hard work, integrity, excellence and discipline are at the heart of both Martyn and Huw’s core values and actions.


Meet the masterminds

Huw Davies

Huw is the Director of a successful online Publishing Company. He’s published over 130 books, for 15 authors and has been responsible for multiple bestsellers.

He’s also successfully invested in a stocks and shares portfolio for over 9 years.

Huw is relatively new to property investing but what he lacks in experience and specific property knowledge, he more than makes up for in meticulous analysis, recruitment, sales and marketing, and number-crunching that he’s acquired from running his business and investing in the stock market.

Martyn Woolford

Martyn is a semi-retired Footballer who played at Championship level. To play professionally at a high level of sport you need consistency, commitment, determination, drive and resilience. All of which are transferable skills, which are necessary for property investing.

Martyn has over 8 years of experience in developing properties. He’s also been a landlord with over 15 years of experience. He’s built strong working relationships with a team of people who advise, support and ensure his developments are finished to a high standard.

His team consists of Deal Sourcers, Mortgage Brokers, Letting Agents, Solicitors, Architects, Planners and Builders. All of which, have a wealth of experience that they’re willing to share.


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